Thursday, May 19, 2011

Casa Malaparte

In the summer of 2008 I was fortunate to participate in the Casa Malaparte Workshop through the Catholic University of America. Located on a strip of rock jutting from the eastern coast of the Isle of Capri is the Casa Malaparte. Initially conceived in the late 1930’s by Italian Rationalist architect Adalberto Libera, however Malaparte rejected Libera's design and undertook the project himself with the help of Adolfo Amitrano, a local stone mason. The house is an excellent example of Italian modern architecture, as well as the built environment eminently adapted to its surroundings.
 The Punta Massullo with Casa Malaparte as seen from trail leading to house

The house can only be reached by two methods, firstly by traversing the island on a circuitous path or secondly by sea. According to our guides it takes roughly an hour and a half  to walk from Capri's Piazzetta to Casa Malaparte, however with a little trail running we were able make it from Casa Malaparte to the hotel in Marina Piccola in almost an hour.

Final approach to Casa Malaparte with steps to roof and sail element 
“It has been called the twentieth century's most beautiful house. Isolated at the tip of a craggy promontory on the Italian island  of Capri, Casa Malaparte has captivated modern architects and designers with the graceful power of its lines and the drama of its setting...the stuccoed, Pompeian red box appears to have grown straight out of the rock. Its remoteness adds to its dreamy allure. Its simple shape belies its assertive, sculptural presence.” 

– Michael McDonough
Section of Casa Malaparte and surrounding environment

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  1. Remarkable piece of architecture